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Topic Creation Workshop + Workbook Bundle

Topic Creation + Brainstorming Workshop Bundle

want to go Live but don't know what to say?

I've got you covered!

Learn how to generate hundreds of topic ideas in a matter of minutes... regardless of your niche.

And the best part?

No more going down the rabbit hole of research. 

The Brainstorming Workshop will take you from no topic idea to a fully planned Live in under 30 minutes

This is an actionable workshop where you learn as you do.

(You can use this method for Live Stream planning as well as blog post ideas, youtube video ideas, podcast ideas... the possibilities are endless.) 

What's Included?  

1. A video walk through of three places to research topic ideas that you've probably never heard of even if you've been blogging for a while.

2. A printable workbook with a summary of the research types + a planning outline for your Live.

3. A 30 minute guided brainstorming workshop to help you stay focused and get your Live planned.

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Rock Your Live- The Workbook

Rock Your Live Workbook Mockup.png

a plug-n-play script for Facebook Lives!

How many times have you bought an e-book or course and then been so overwhelmed, it lived in your computer collecting virtual dust?

That’s not the case with this workbook. The goal is to get you going Live well as fast as possible. Block out 20 minutes to go through the entire handbook, and you will be set!

  • No more fretting if you’re doing it right.

  • No more worrying how to organize your thoughts.

  • No more spending hours researching best practices.

It’s all been done for you. All you do is add your personality, your content, and your genius. Voila! You are ready to go Live!

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Happiness Guarantee

 Happiness Guarantee: 

If you don't find value in the product or service, send an email to, and I will make sure you end up happy!